Priorities of the 20th Assembly

YELLOWKNIFE, Tuesday, February 20, 2024 – After the November election, the focus shifts to establishing the next major milestone for the new Assembly: setting its priorities. Through extensive discussions, meetings, and feedback solicitation from constituents, the direction of this Assembly has taken shape. On February 13th and 14th, all 19 members convened to deliberate and establish these priorities. Today, the Members and Executive Council of the 20th Assembly are pleased to unveil the official priorities:

  • Suitability, accessibility and affordability of housing;
  • A strong economic foundation;
  • Access to health care and addressing the effects of trauma; and
  • Safe residents and communities.


“Members of the 20th Assembly have listened carefully and found common ground in these four main themes, which provide an ambitious yet manageable focus. Now the process begins to collaboratively create a mandate for each GNWT department, which will flesh out how the government will be accountable to achieve real progress in each of these areas.”

Caucus Chair, Shauna Morgan, Member for Yellowknife North


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