Integrity Commissioner

The Integrity Commissioner is the independent officer of the Legislative Assembly who administers Part 3 of the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act. The Commissioner provides advice to Members and Ministers about avoiding conflicts between their public duties and their private interests, as well as meeting their obligations under the Code of Conduct that establishes standards for the conduct of Members. Members and Ministers must meet with the Commissioner at least once annually, and provide private disclosure statements of assets and liabilities for themselves, their spouses, and their dependent children. 

From these, the Commissioner prepares public disclosure statements, which were previously available for public inspective on the Legislative Library and since 2020 can be found online. The Commissioner may receive and investigate complaints about a current or former Member or Minister being in conflict of interest or breaching the Code of Conduct.

The Commissioner prepares an annual report to the Legislative Assembly. The Commissioner's annual reports can be found on our Tabled Documents page.