The Role of the Legislative Assembly

The Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories operates much like a provincial legislature, although it lacks some legislative powers. Here's how it functions:

•    While the Federal government can disallow territorial Acts, this power has never been exercised.
•    Elected members take on leadership roles, resembling provincial Ministers, and introduce bills for approval.
•    Members debate, pass motions, and advise the Executive, as well as, enact legislation and allocate public funds.
•    Committees play a significant role, addressing ongoing Assembly matters and examining specific issues.
•    Sessions adhere to parliamentary rules with adjustments for northern circumstances, often favoring consensus decisions.
•    Sessions typically last around 14 weeks of the year, with a focus on budgetary matters early in the year.
•    The Legislative Assembly in Yellowknife offers facilities for meetings, offices, and support services.

Language diversity is embraced, with interpretation available for English, French, and nine Indigenous languages, dependent on interpreter contractor availability.