Members of the Legislative Assembly recognize the need for transparency and accountability. Members are committed to providing the public with better opportunities to take part in the decision-making process. Committees regularly use a variety of tools to engage the public and provide information, including the Legislative Assembly website, news releases, social media, in-house television broadcasting system, radio and television rebroadcasts of proceedings, publication of Hansard, town halls, public meetings, and public requests for comments on specific reports and legislation. It is understood that Government Public Bills are developed, introduced and sponsored in the House by a Government Minister. They are initiatives of the Government and not the Committee. The Committee’s responsibility is to consult with residents of the NWT on what they like or dislike about a particular Bill. It is helpful to provide some information to the public during the advertising phase and during the hearings themselves, in order to make sure the public is as informed as possible.

Attending Committee Meetings

The public is always welcome to attend public meetings that are held by Committees. Public meetings could include discussion on a Bill that was recently given to the Committee to review, discussions with Ministers on various topics, public updates of programs and services offered by the Government of the Northwest Territories. Public committee meetings will always be posted to the Legislative Assembly website under the ‘Events’ section and will be posted on our Facebook page.

Making Written Submissions

Committees will often reach out to stakeholders and the general public to ask for their input on specific matters that they are reviewing. They will invite groups and individuals to attend public meetings to make a verbal submission, if they are unable to participate in person, the Committee will ask them to provide a written submission. Written submissions are accepted by Committees and will be considered when the Committee is reviewing correspondence.  Anyone interested in providing a written submission to any committee is urged to contact @email .

Appearing as a Witness

Similar to making a written submission, stakeholders and individuals are invited to appear as witnesses in front of Committees. Appearing as a witness simply means that instead of providing a written submission, individuals can speak to the Committee about the specific issue that the public hearing is being held on. People interested in appearing before a Committee to speak to issues before the Committee may be eligible to apply for funding to travel to the public hearing nearest to their community. Anyone interested in appearing as a witness during a public hearing is urged to contact @email