Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment seeking public input as part of regulatory framework review

(YELLOWKNIFE) Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - The Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment is conducting a review to understand how participants experience the regulatory framework for land and water use permitting under the Mackenzie Valley Resources Management Act (MVRMA). This Act and its regulatory framework set the requirements and process for how participants can get a land or water use permit in the Mackenzie Valley while protecting the environment. The Committee wants to take a closer look at the Government of the Northwest Territories’ (GNWT) role and the areas where they have oversight to ensure that the framework and process is effective and working properly.    

This review will build on existing research and work that has already been done in this area. The Committee will also examine how the GNWT can better support everyone involved in the land and water use regulatory process. 


Committee is seeking input from the public and stakeholders as part of this review. The aim is to produce a report with observations and specific recommendations for the GNWT to take steps to improve the parts of the system that are under its authority.




"We are committed to ensuring the land and water use regulatory system works efficiently and predictably in the NWT. By gathering input from stakeholders and the public, and reviewing the current requirements and processes, we hope to identify areas for improvement and make sure the regulatory framework continues to meet the needs of all participants and protects our environment.” – Robert Hawkins, Committee Chair of Economic Development and Environment 


Deadline for Input: July 31, 2024

For more information, please contact: 


Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly