Statement from the Honourable Margaret Thom, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories

YELLOWKNIFE (SEPTEMBER 9, 2022) The Honorable Margaret Thom, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, issued the following statement on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

“It is with a heavy heart that I learned of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

For many generations of Canadians this is a difficult time and yet we will celebrate and honour a remarkable life of 96 years of our beloved Monarch. During her 70 year reign, she visited our great North and Nations many times. She made time to visit as many communities as she can across the country. She witnessed with honour and curiosity the diverse cultures and traditions of especially the Indigenous People. She visited the Northwest Territories two times and I am sure she felt very welcomed by Northerners. Many Elders recall these visits and I am sure will look back fondly on her friendly and positive moments with them. They will mourn her deeply and feel incredible sadness.

Her Majesty led the Commonwealth with integrity, grace and perseverance and experienced many triumphs and tragedies during her reign. She gracefully gave herself to the life of service and profoundly impacted generations of people across Canada and the world.

The work Her Majesty performed to support organizations around the world contributed tremendously to improve the lives of many along with communities in need. Her unwavering support to many causes related to the youth, wildlife and environment, to name a few, will be fondly remembered for many years.

I extend to the Royal Family my deepest and sincere condolences as they journey through this very sad and difficult time.

With deep respect the Northwest Territories along with the world mourns this tremendous loss.

Mahsi Merci Quanta Quyanainni Thank You

The Honorable Margaret Thom
Commissioner of the Northwest Territories