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Debates of , 17th Assembly, 5th Session (day 72)

Thank you, Mr. Chair. Without going into too much detail, at the end of the day the change was about $1.8 million in target reductions that we’re netting off of that. On the plus side, we had about 1.9 million to do with asset inventory adjustments in maintenance, costs associated with that; there was about another $1.5 million to do with utility increases; and part of the energy money coming over, while there was $6-some-odd-million that was transferred, there were some sunsets as part of that funding. At the end of the day, we netted out at an increase of about $5 million over our previous...

Debates of , 17th Assembly, 5th Session (day 72)

Thank you, Mr. Chair. With regard to the capital transfer, that represents a depreciated replacement cost value of the asset that was transferred through devolution. So it’s a one-time identification of value.

In terms of the other item, the labour, it has actually been moved down under the boiler registration. It doesn’t really represent a payment; it represents recovery of work we do for boiler inspections for the federal government. So, it’s more accurately represented where it is. So it’s not a loss, it’s just a movement. Thank you, Mr. Chair.

Debates of , 17th Assembly, 5th Session (day 22)

Thank you, Mr. Chair. In terms of devolution, it’s nine positions for the department. Two of those are under the TSC for charge back and two of those positions will be located in Hay River and Inuvik. The other seven positions, there are three here in Yellowknife. There’s a fourth that is identified in Yellowknife that will be staffed in Inuvik. That’s to do with office planning and there’s another one to do with office planning and accommodations here in Yellowknife. Then there are two procurement shared services positions, one in Fort Smith and one in Inuvik.

Debates of , 17th Assembly, 3rd Session (day 5)

Thank you, Madam Chair. As the Minister stated, it is not revenue. It is basically each department it’s an appropriated expenditure. As the Minister alluded to, the TSC will charge each department, they’ll process it against their Fund 1, those expenditures show up as Fund 13 in the financial information system known as SAM.

Debates of , 17th Assembly, 3rd Session (day 4)

Thank you, Mr. Chair. Okay. For 2012-13 an example would be the new school in Inuvik and funding associated with that. There is an ENR crew trailer and associated funding that was added to that. There was lighting assigned to do with the DOT runway, cold storage facilities for ENR, Health and Social Services senior assisted living facilities. They’re fairly small numbers. I can continue to go on if the Member would like.

Debates of , 17th Assembly, 3rd Session (day 4)

Thank you, Mr. Chair. Some of the assets that we’d be referring to that have come into service would be the new data centre. It would be the new government building in Inuvik and records storage facility. Those are two of the larger ones that just come to mind. We do have a number of other smaller facilities that we’ve added. I can provide those if you can just bear with me for one second.