Members’ Attendance at Committee Meetings

Section 33 of The Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories Members’ Guidelines states that quorum for all committees is a majority of committee members.

Members are contacted in advance of a meeting and must commit to attend for the duration of the meeting. If a Member is unable to attend for the full duration of the meeting, and quorum for that meeting cannot be achieved, an alternate is contacted to attend for the full duration in their place. Alternates are called for committee meetings as required on a rotational basis.

It is the responsibility of the chair to ensure that all Members are fulfilling their committee obligations by:

  • attending regularly and on time
  • preparing for meetings
  • participating in meetings in a productive way.

Actions which warrant the discipline of the committee include, but are not limited to: 

  • violating the Members’ Conduct Guidelines
  • attending a meeting under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substance
  • being absent from meetings without a valid excuse.

If a Member acts in a way as to warrant discipline, the committee may suspend the Member from the committee for a period of up to three days in duration. If a Member has been suspended from the committee he or she will be reported as absent and the chair of the committee will report said suspension to the House under Reports of Standing and Special Committees.

Pursuant to Section 2 of the Indemnities, Allowances and Expense Regulations, the chair of the committee, or at the request of the chair, the clerk of the committee, shall record a Member’s absence at a meeting of the committee, noting the reason for the absence.

The Board of Management sets out the following possible explanations for a Member’s failure to attend a meeting of the committee:

  • the absence is in the course of the Member’s duties as a Member or Minister or as the Premier or Speaker
  • the absence is a result of the Member’s illness or injury due to bereavement
  • the absence is due to personal reasons.

If a Member is absent for six meeting days in a calendar year without a valid explanation, the committee shall recommend to the House that the Member be removed from the committee.

Contact the Office of the Clerk for more information. 

To view Members' Absences, please visit the Tabled Documents page.