Frequently Asked Questions

I know someone that should be recognized – can I nominate them?

Yes. Anyone can nominate someone for induction to in the Order of the Northwest Territories. Nominations are open year-round, but nomination deadlines for each intake year are in the spring. Nomination forms can be found on the Legislative Assembly website.

You do not need to know the person you wish to nominate very well or know every detail about them, but it is helpful to include as much information as possible on the nomination form.

How do I know if the person I want to nominate is eligible?

To be eligible, a nominated person must be:

  • Alive at the time their nomination is received by the Secretary to the Honours Advisory Council; and
  • A Canadian citizen who is a current or former resident of the Northwest Territories.

The following are not eligible to receive the Order while holding office:

  • Members of the Legislative Assembly;
  • Members of the House of Commons;
  • Judges of any court of any territory or province or of Canada;
  • Elected leaders of Indigenous governments;
  • Mayors and municipal councillors.

How do posthumous awards work?

A deceased person cannot be nominated for recognition through the Order of the Northwest Territories. However, a deceased person can be recognized if they were nominated while they were alive. Any person with an active nomination who passes away is still considered for the Order, as long as the nomination is received no more than one year before the day of the nominees death.

How do I nominate someone?

Anyone can nominate someone for the Order of the Northwest Territories.

Nominations for the Order are open year-round, and the deadline for each year’s intake closes in the spring. Nomination forms can be found on the Legislative Assembly website. Any questions can be directed to the Secretary to the Honours Advisory Council.

Can groups or organizations be nominated?

No. Only individuals can be nominated. Groups, couples, and organizations are not eligible for nomination.

What information do I need to complete a nomination form?

To nominate someone, you will need to provide:

  • Your name and contact email/address;
  • The nominee’s name and contact email/address;
  • A description of what the nominee has done or created that set them apart;
  • A description of the nominee’s significant contribution recognized in the NWT and/or Canada;
  • A description of how the nominee’s contribution is recognized as something unique and innovative;
  • A description of how the nominee’s contribution has made significant improvement to the life or culture of the people of the NWT;
  • Any dates of service you are aware of; and
  • Three support letters from individuals or organizations – the stronger the support letters, the better!

What can I do to give the person I am nominating the best chance to be recognized?

The Order of the Northwest Territories is merit-based.

When completing the nomination form you should try to include as much information as you can. Facts and verifiable dates assist the Honours Advisory Council when they are reviewing nominations.

Support letters are very important. When contacting people to request a support letter for the nominee, express the importance of the letters during the review process. The Honours Advisory Council relies on ‘references’ when reviewing each nomination, so strong support letters are key.

What happens after I submit a nomination?

After you nominate someone, you will receive an acknowledgment that the nomination has been received.

The Honours Advisory Council meets at least once a year to review nominations, you will be notified of a general date that the Council will meet next. Once the Council has met and reviewed nominations, letters will be sent to the unsuccessful candidates. Phone calls will be made and letters will be sent to the successful nominees and a date for an Investiture Ceremony will be announced.

Up to three people per year can be invested with the Order.

Who decides the outcome of a nomination?

The Honours Advisory Council considers nominations for the Order and submits to the Chancellor (the Commissioner of the NWT) the names of those who the Council believes are worthy of receiving the Order.

The basic structure of the Council is determined by the Territorial Emblems and Honours Act and shall meet at least once per year.

How does the Honours Advisory Council for the Order of the NWT decide who receives an honour?

The Honours Advisory Council, individually and collectively, considers each nomination. The Council meets once per year to discuss nominations.

The Council must reach a consensus on every nomination it considers. This means the members must agree on the nominees recommended to the Chancellor.

Why are some nominations unsuccessful?

Not every nomination can be accepted. Importantly, this doesn’t mean that an individual hasn’t made a positive contribution to their community or to the people of the Northwest Territories.

The Council received numerous nominations per year, but only up to three inductees can be chosen. Other factors that may influence a nominations success include:

  • The level of support or endorsement provided by the support letters;
  • The length of time someone has been making their contribution to the community/territory;
  • Whether the nominee made a local or territorial contribution;
  • Whether the nominees contributions were part of their working life, or extended beyond it;
  • Possible findings against the person nominated identified at the time the nomination is being considered.

Individual feedback on each nomination is not provided as the deliberations of the Council are confidential.

Can an unsuccessful nomination be reviewed?

Unfortunately, there is not an appeal process for the Order of the Northwest Territories.

A call for nominations is done annually by the Honours Advisory Council and there are no limits to how many times a person can be nominated. The Council encourages unsuccessful nominees to submit the nomination in future years.

Who will have access to my nomination?

Information contained in your nomination is accessible to members of the Honours Advisory Council and the Secretary to the Council.

The nomination information provided by you assists the Council to help decide whether a nomination should result in induction into the Order.

What happens when a person becomes a Member of the Order of the NWT?

The Commissioner will invite the new members to be honoured for their achievements at an investiture ceremony. At the formal ceremony, held in the Chamber of the Legislative Assembly, the Commissioner, as Chancellor of the Order, will present each recipient with an insignia which bears the shield of the NWT. A member of the Order will receive a certificate signed by the Chancellor and sealed with the seal of the NWT, as well as a medal and lapel pin. Members of the Order are entitled to wear the insignia of the Order as a decoration and use the initials O.N.W.T. after their name.

Can someone who has never lived in the North be nominated?

A person who is not a Canadian citizen or who is not a current or former resident of the Northwest Territories but has made a contribution to the north and its residents, may be invested with the Order as an honourary member on recommendation of the Honours Advisory Council.