Accountability Mechanisms

Accountability Mechanisms in Consensus Government

Accountability in a consensus government is very different than in a system with party politics. Unlike a party-based legislature with a majority supporting the government in power, there is no guaranteed outcome for any vote in a consensus government. The government, elected by the Assembly, is accountable to it with every vote. The Premier and Ministers essentially serve as long as the majority of Members retains confidence in them. The defeat of even a budgetary item may, or may not result in a change of “government.” This page outlines accountability mechanisms – many of them not present in a party system – in consensus government as it operates in the 18th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.

Accountability mechanisms in consensus government are constantly evolving and improving in response to circumstances, technology, and public demand. The Northwest Territories legislature is recognized worldwide as a leader in its advancement of this innovative form of government for small legislatures.