Appointments to Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Adjudication Panel

YELLOWKNIFE (Thursday, October 20, 2022) – Members of the Legislative Assembly have appointed members to the Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Adjudication Panel. The four-year terms begin immediately.

Two appointments were made to the Human Rights Commission. Mr. Yacub Adam was reappointed to the Commission, on which he has served since 2009. He is a former political science professor and previously served as a Director at the Foundation of Administrative Justice.

Mr. Norman Yak'e ula was also appointed to the Commission. He is a former Member of the Legislative Assembly, Minister, and Dene National Chief with formal education in Native Studies and Leadership.

Two appointments were made to the Human Rights Adjudication Panel. Mr. Colin Baile was reappointed to the panel, on which he has previously served for eight years. He has extensive experience with other northern administrative tribunals, is a Chartered Arbitrator and has a 35-year career in the field of Administrative Justice.

Mr. Paul Parker was also appointed to the panel, on which he previously served for four years until early 2022. He has served as a panel adjudicator and mediator on a number of tribunals, has extensive training in conflict resolution and advocacy, and has run his own law firm in Yellowknife since 2016.

The Human Rights Commission is responsible to the Legislative Assembly for the administration of the Human Rights Act. Their responsibilities focus on promotion of public information and education regarding human rights issues and the research, development, and implementation of programs designed to eliminate discriminatory practices and to promote understating and compliance with the Human Rights Act throughout the NWT.

The Human Rights Adjudication Panel is an independent tribunal with the authority to hear and adjudicate complaints referred to it pursuant to the Human Rights Act. Cases may arise out of a complaint referred for hearing to determine the merits, or on an appeal arising from the dismissal of a complaint by the Director of the Human Rights Commission.

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