Inspired by Nature, reflected in language.

YELLOWKNIFE (Monday, February 27, 2023) The Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly celebrates Indigenous Languages Month by unveiling the renaming of its meeting rooms in the territory’s nine Indigenous languages.

The Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly celebrates the territory’s nine Indigenous languages and encourages the public to learn about the important role language revitalization plays in advancing reconciliation.

Today, Speaker Blake unveiled the Legislative Assembly’s meeting room re-naming project which was inspired by nature and reflected in language. The project includes representation of all Official Languages and regions in the Northwest Territories. Each of the nine rooms chosen is represented by a northern animal, and the name and description has been translated into one of Indigenous languages as well as French. Illustrations were done by an NWT-born Indigenous artist, Trey Madsen and symbolize the traits associated with each animal, bringing deeper meaning to the work that takes place in each meeting room.

All Members, staff and the public are encouraged to use the translated room names to integrate Indigenous languages into everyday work.


“We have a shared responsibility, to advocate for the territory’s Indigenous languages and revitalize them. The re-naming of these rooms into Indigenous Languages demonstrates our commitment to that shared responsibility.”

–Hon. Frederick Blake Jr., Speaker

Quick Facts

The Legislative Assembly building is the Place of the People. The building contains a number of meeting rooms that are used by the public and building occupants.

The Legislative Assembly worked closely with indigenous language speakers to re-name the meeting rooms throughout the Legislative Assembly building.

February is Indigenous Languages Month, and the 2023 theme is “I’m in!” which emphasizes the shared responsibility for language revitalization. The project was planned for completion in February, and all Members are encouraged to use the translated room names as a step toward integrating Indigenous languages into their everyday work.

Attachment: The Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly Room Renaming Project & Pronunciation Guide

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