Member-elect for Monfwi Constituency

Yellowknife (July 28, 2021) – Votes in the Monfwi constituency by-election have been tallied to reveal the Member-elect, Jane Weyallon Armstrong

Jane Weyallon Armstrong will be officially sworn in on August 5, 2021 at 3pm in the Chamber of the Legislative Assembly.

The Honourable Frederick Blake Jr., Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, offered the following words to mark the occasion: “I am pleased to welcome the Member-elect to the Assembly and look forward to working with them for the benefit of all our people. Mahsì to all candidates for putting their names forward and participating in the democratic process.”

A by-election was called to fill the seat vacated by Mr. Jackson Lafferty on June 4, 2021. The Monfwi constituency is made up of the four Tłı̨chǫ communities: Behchokǫ̀, Gamètı̀, Wekweètı̀, and Whatı̀.

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