MLAs introduce a bill to amend how salaries and allowances are adjusted

YELLOWKNIFE (Tuesday, March 7, 2023) – MLAs introduce a bill to amend how salaries and allowances are adjusted.  
On Monday, March 6, 2023, the Chair of Caucus, Mrs. Frieda Martselos, introduced Bill 73 to amend the Legislative Assembly Executive Council Act.  
The Bill amends the manner in which MLA salaries and allowances are adjusted each year to the average percentage increase or decrease in the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Canada in the previous five years.  
Currently, MLA salaries and allowances are adjusted automatically on April 1 of each year in accordance with the Canadian CPI the previous calendar year. The CPI for 2022 was 6.8%. 
If adopted, Bill 73 will result in an increase to MLA salaries and allowances by 3.02% on April 1, 2023. 
“Due to the high rates of inflation that we have seen across the country this year, we believe that this new method of an annual adjustment will help smooth out large spikes in inflation such as we are experiencing right now”.  
- Caucus Chair, Frieda Martselos  
Quick Facts 
  • Indemnities for Members are prescribed in the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act. 
  • Under the proposed new method of calculation, the average percentage change for CPI for the previous five calendar years would be 3.02%.  
  • The 19th Assembly Independent Commission has recommended no substantive changes to the MLA salaries or the method of annual adjustment.  
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