Ms. Krista Carnogursky Recommended for Ombud Appointment

YELLOWKNIFE, Thursday, May 23 2024 – In a motion passed by the House, Ms. Krista Carnogursky's appointment has been recommended to the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, Mr. Gerald W. Kisoun, pursuant to the Ombud Act. The statutory appointment will take effect on July 1, 2024

The Ombud is appointed for a five-year term by the Legislative Assembly and plays a crucial role in investigating complaints about the administrative fairness of government practices. The Ombud Act provides the legislative framework for these investigations, enabling the Ombud to review results and decide on appropriate actions. Investigations can be initiated based on complaints from individuals or groups, or at the Ombud's own initiative.

Ms. Carnogursky was born in Inuvik, NT, and is of Gwich’in descent. She began her career of 18 years with the Government of the Northwest Territories as an Intern, then a correctional officer at the Young Offenders facility, later a Probation Officer until advancing to Senior Probation Officer, and subsequently becoming the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion with the Department of Finance. In this role, she was responsible for developing and evaluating comprehensive GNWT-wide diversity and inclusion strategies, initiatives, and programs. Ms. Carnogursky's extensive experience has equipped her with essential skills in administrative and procedural fairness, conducting interviews, interpreting legislation, regulations, policies, and procedures, and drafting reports and recommendations. These competencies are vital for her role as Ombud, ensuring fair, reasonable, and equitable government administration.

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