Standing Committee on Government Operations Releases Report on Indigenous Recruitment and Retention

YELLOWKNIFE (Tuesday, March 28, 2023) – Today in the Legislative Assembly, the Standing Committee on Government Operations, chaired by Mr. Rylund Johnson, read its report on Indigenous representation in the Northwest Territories public service.
A Committee priority was set to identify systemic barriers to increasing the representation of Indigenous people in the public service and review the GNWT human resource practices and policies. This extensive report prepared twelve recommendations centering around six themes: 
  1. Implement a Priority One-only competition process.
  2. Increase fairness and trust by establishing an independent appeal process.
  3. Establish recruitment and employment targets and measure the outcomes.
  4. Improve hiring practices and the way competitions are held.
  5. Invest in Indigenous employees to advance in the public service.
  6. Ensure cultural safety, support, and advocacy.
The Committee visited seven communities and held both virtual and in-person public meetings.
The GNWT now has 120 days to respond to the Committee’s report.
“The Committee would like to thank those who participated in this review. We feel confident that our recommendations will help with future recruitment and retention.”
– Mr. Rylund Johnson, Chair, Standing Committee on Government Operations
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