Jane Weyallon Armstrong

Member Monfwi

Jane Weyallon Armstrong was elected to the 20th Assembly to represent the constituency of Monfwi. Ms. Armstrong was elected to the 19th Assembly during a by-election to represent the constituency of Monfwi.

Ms. Weyallon Armstrong was born in Fort Rae, Northwest Territories. Currently residing in Behchoko, Northwest Territories, her impactful journey has left a lasting mark on her community.

Having served as President of the Native Women’s Association from 2019 to 2021, Ms. Weyallon Armstrong collaborated with board members on the National Inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls final report. Her commitment to the cause has been a driving force in addressing crucial issues.

Ms. Weyallon Armstrong’s extensive involvement in community governance includes roles such as a Community Government of Behchoko Councillor (2009–2013, 2017–2021, June 2021 to July 2021) and Tlicho Government Assembly Member (Consensus Government) from 2009 to 2013. Additionally, she contributed by being on the Mackenzie Valley Impact Review Board from 2020 to 2021.

With a career spanning over 25 years at the Dogrib Divisional Board of Education (now Tlicho Community Services Agency), Ms. Weyallon Armstrong’s impact reached the lives of high school students from various communities. Her roles as Residence Manager and later as Coordinator, Community Liaison, and Student Transition Support Services showcased her dedication to education and community development.

Ms. Weyallon Armstrong’s educational journey includes graduating from Sir John Franklin Territorial High School in Yellowknife, where she resided at Akaitcho Hall. She earned a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Politics and a Minor in Native Studies from the University of Saskatchewan. In 1994, she obtained her Social Work Diploma from Aurora College, Thebacha Campus, and in 1992, she earned her Child and Youth Care Worker Diploma from Mount Royal College.

Ms. Weyallon Armstrong, in partnership with her spouse, have raised their daughter, and now revel in the role of proud grandparents to a grandson. Ms. Weyallon Armstrong possesses a range of interests that extend to sewing, reading, and engaging in various cultural activities. Her longstanding commitment to volunteering for fundraising events and field trips underscores her dedication to community well-being.

Monfwi Electoral District


Member Jane Weyallon Armstrong
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Statements in Debates

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this time to congratulate all of the students who are graduating from kindergarten to grade 12 in the Tlicho region. Graduation is a milestone achievement and a stepping-stone to new opportunities. I am proud of all the students for staying in school and putting in the hard work. Thank you to all the parents for supporting their children through school. And thank you to all the teachers and educators for their guidance. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Mr. Speaker, can I have unanimous consent to conclude my statement.

---Unanimous consent granted

Mr. Speaker, this Bill will mostly improve access to education for non-Indigenous students. The role of the GNWT is to close the gap in education outcome. We know students in small communities need more support to succeed in post-secondary education. We need focus and attention on improving the education outcomes from students in small communities. They should remain the focus for the student finance assistance program. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, forest fire 2023 was a disaster for a lot of us, and it was a nightmare for many who lived through the ordeal. People from Behchoko and Edzo, even Hay River North and South, they experienced that as well. So, Mr. Speaker, I can tell you it could happen worse for Behchoko. By the grace of God, Behchoko was safe. You know, so we lost four housing and we lost 15 cabins on Highway 3. But Enterprise did not have the same experience. Forest fire almost wiped out the whole community. As a result, until this day, the residents are still suffering. They're affected...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Mahsi, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, [Translation]

Yes, for recognition, I'd like to recognize my Grand Chief Jackson Lafferty.  He's here in the House.  I'm thankful for that.  And we also have other Tlicho members,  Louis Mackenzie, Julie Mackenzie are here in the audience.  And also Jonas Lafferty, Mary Rose Sundberg, interpreters, I'd like to thank them.  They've been interpreting for us throughout the session. 

I'd also like to recognize all these people who work for us in the House.  I am so thankful for them.  They've done a good job for us throughout the session.  It is the spring session. ...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Mahsi. Mahsi, Mr. Speaker.

[Translation] I'd like to -- I'd like to, but still what I'm going to be talking about of how the kids that are in school, the kids that are in school, what is it that we can -- how we can improve the education for the young people at this time. [Translation Ends].

Mr. Speaker, the Government of the Northwest Territories has jurisdiction over educating all students in the NWT. The GNWT must provide access to the same quality of education regardless of the location or size of their communities.

Mr. Speaker, we have an excellent student financial assistance program. It is...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Mr. Speaker, thank you. Mr. Speaker, I realize that the GNWT is more than $1 billion in debt, and we are at 96 percent of the debt limit. Yes, we are in fiscal restraint, and I commend the Cabinet for its effort to meet the needs of the people. The Cabinet has done its best to work with the people and especially our colleagues on this side too. I know not everyone is going to agree, but the Cabinet Ministers listen and work with us. That is a good thing. Not only that, but some of us Regular MLAs make budget requests and feel that our requests and proposals were listened to by the government...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you. Has the GNWT discussed residential school settlement for the NWT residential school survivors with Indigenous leadership? Thank you.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I hope the Premier had a chance to read the statement from yesterday because I'm continuing with my statement from yesterday on Chief Jimmy Bruneau residents. So this is a question for the Premier.

Can the Premier explain if there have been any discussions with the federal government regarding residential school settlements and the residential school historical record in the NWT? Thank you.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you for the information, yeah. So that's all I have for this page.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you. That's all I have for this on this page. Thank you.