Richard Edjericon

Member Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh

Richard Edjericon was first elected to represent the district of Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh in by election during the 19th Assembly in 2022 and was re-elected to the 20th Assembly later the next year.

A descendant of Treaty 8 Chipewyan signator Chief Oliver Edjericon, Richard Edjericon was born and raised in Little Buffalo River near Fort Resolution. He attended Diamond Jenness Secondary High School in Hay River and Akaitcho Hall in Yellowknife.

Obtaining his journeyman carpenter’s certification from Thebacha College in Fort Smith, Mr. Edjericon has nearly four decades of experience as a journeyman certified carpenter working through out the Northwest Territories and Nunavut in residential and commercial construction.

Eventually his work in construction brought him to the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation as the North Slave Maintenance Coordinator. He would also become the General Manager for the Yellowknives Dene First Nation Housing Division.

Mr. Edjericon’s dedication to his community led him to seek the position of Elected Head Chief for Dettah and the Yellowknives Dene First Nation, holding that office from 1999 to 2003. He also became the Acting Grand Chief Spokeperson on behalf of the Akaitcho Chiefs for the Akaitcho Territory Government. He later joined the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board in 2007 and soon became chair, reappointed to this position in 2011.

Mr. Edjericon’s proudest moments include settling boundary disputes, signing political accords, creating fairer nation to nation relationships, and fostering economic development. As MLA he brings with him a passion for a fairer, more prosperous North, and a great depth of knowledge in housing, economics, and politics. He lives in Ndilo with his wife, Aleida.”

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Tu Nedhé - Wiilideh
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Statements in Debates

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Question has been called. All those in favour? Opposed? Abstentions? The motion is carried. Bill 10 has second reading.


Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I, too, want to recognize the grand chief of the Tlicho region, Mr. Jackson Lafferty. Mahsi for being here. I also want to recognize Louise Mackenzie and June Mackenzie as well. Mahsi for being here.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I recall in 2023, when I was first elected to the Assembly here and I came in midway through an election, and I was not around when the whole budgeting planning process was starting to happen. Even though I came in, I brought in the wishes of what I heard from my riding and I put it all in the suitcase, and I went to the Premier of the day trying to get that luggage thrown on the train. And the train's halfway through its destination, and the Premier of the day had mentioned that she will do her best to try to get it onto the train. And needless to say that...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I second this motion because I support this motion. It's one that is really needed. And I always keep thinking about the late Cece McCauley who always said build a highway. And, you know, I think it's time now that we take a look at that. You know, as my colleague who brought forward this motion talks about the need of putting a highway there that helps with the high cost of living in that region, no different than I'm trying to push the same thing for my riding as well. But, Mr. Speaker, roads like this is good for communities. It's good for the North. Good for the...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I just want to take this opportunity as my Member's statement to thank the Members, my colleagues around the table here. It's been a busy almost four weeks. I also wanted to thank, Mr. Speaker, your staff. Also the ledge staff as well that work behind the scenes for us. I know there's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes that people don't see. I want to say thank you to my CA, Taylor Pagotto, and also Warren Delorme of Fort Resolution. Also, I want to thank all the translators that are here. I want to say mahsi. If it wasn't for you that we wouldn't...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Question has been called. All those in favour? All those opposed? The motion is carried. Consideration of Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, operations expenditure, 20242025 Main Estimates, total department, is deferred.


Thank you, Minister, and thank you for the witnesses for appearing before us. Sergeantatarms, please escort the witnesses from the chambers.

Consideration in Committee of the Whole of bills and other matters, 20242025 Main Estimates, Housing Northwest Territories.

Committee, we have agreed to consider Tabled Document 9320(1), 20242025 Main Estimates. We will...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Okay, I'm going to go back to vicepresident. I'm assuming you got the question from the Minister.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Any further questions from Members? Seeing no further questions, we will not be voting on this activity.

Moving on to nonresidential buildings and operations starting on page 392. Are there any questions? I'm going to go to the Member from Monfwi.