Shauna Morgan

Member Yellowknife North

Shauna Morgan was elected to the 20th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly to represent the constituency of Yellowknife North.

Ms. Morgan was born and raised in Barrie, Ontario. Having called Yellowknife home for the past 15 years, she has embraced the dynamic, creative and eclectic lifestyle in Old Town near Great Slave Lake.

Ms. Morgan’s commitment to public service is evident in her two consecutive terms on Yellowknife City Council from 2015 to 2022. During this time, she held pivotal roles, including Deputy Mayor, Chair of the Community Energy Planning Committee, and Chair of the Community Advisory Board on Homelessness.

Ms. Morgan holds degrees in International Development (B.A. Hons) and International Affairs (M.A.), specializing in community economic and political development in remote and Indigenous communities globally. She worked with a grassroots cross-cultural peacebuilding movement in the Philippines from 2002 to 2003. Her master's research delved into negotiations between mineral exploration companies and First Nations in Canada, focusing on land access during the earliest stages of mineral exploration.

Over the past 15 years in Yellowknife, Ms. Morgan has prioritized work at the community level. Working with private consulting firms and a non-profit thinktank focused on clean energy, she served as a resource person to Indigenous governments and communities across the NWT. Her contributions ranged from planning renewable energy projects to housing initiatives, building cross-cultural environmental research and monitoring programs, and navigating the complexities of major resource extraction projects.

Ms. Morgan has drawn on her well-rounded skill set to diversify her professional pursuits. While serving as a City Councillor, she managed her own piano teaching studio, worked as an on-the-Land educator with Bushkids NWT, and contributed for many years as a full-time member of the Snow Castle construction crew and snow carving team. Additionally, she engaged in facilitation and consulting contracts.

Active in the arts community, Ms. Morgan provides piano accompaniment for Yellowknife’s Aurora Chorealis (adult community choir) and Fireweed Children’s Choir. She served as a Board member for the Yellowknife Women’s Society and a weekly volunteer with Food Rescue and has dedicated time to the Yellowknife Ski Club and Victim Services.

Ms. Morgan’s love for the land is palpable in her adventurous spirit. She enjoys a myriad of outdoor activities in the North across all seasons, from whitewater and flatwater canoe trips to hiking in Auyuittuq National Park and along the Canol Trail. Her passion extends to cycle touring, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and hunting for moose and ducks with her partner.

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Statements in Debates

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker,

I MOVE, seconded by the honourable Member for Hay River North, that notwithstanding Rule 2.1, when the House adjourns on Thursday, June 13th, 2024, it shall be adjourned until Thursday, October 17th, 2024;

AND FURTHER, that any time prior to October 17th, 2024, if the Speaker is satisfied after consultation with the Executive Council and Members of the Legislative Assembly that the public interest requires that the House should meet at an earlier time during the adjournment, the Speaker may give notice and thereupon the House shall meet at the time stated in...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

I ask for unanimous consent to conclude my statement, Mr. Speaker.

---Unanimous consent granted

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I just wanted to conclude by saying mahsi cho to Paul for his work and his inspiration and thank you to everyone here. Mahsi cho for everyone's work during this session. I hope we will continue to strive and to dare to make the North a better place. Thank you.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, there are many encouraging things in this budget that will help to set us on a better path as a government and as a territory, both things that were initially proposed by Cabinet and both budget changes and policy changes that the government has agreed to through negotiations with Regular Members. I want to give just a quick rundown of the highlights for me and flag a few key items that are left outstanding that I think need to be urgently addressed as we move forward with this work.

So I'm encouraged to see the transitional housing for addictions recovery...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I spoke today about the recommendations from the Ministers' forum on addictions and wellness and community wellness from 2013. And there were certain ideas in there that I wondered if the Minister of health could provide us insights whether the government has looked at them and addressed them.

So one was recommendation number 11, review and revise existing processes within the health and social services system for referring youth to treatment in order to ensure that addictions treatment is accessible for all youth.

I should also say that these weren't sort of...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 27)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, in 2013 a Ministers' forum on addictions and community wellness conducted four months of consultations in communities across the territory and produced a report with recommendations that I have been reflecting on personally this week.

It's encouraging to see that some of the recommendations from that forum are finally coming to life. The top priority identified then was community-based and operated on the land programming, and now it's a key priority in this government's mandate. The forum recommended that those coming back from residential treatment get...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you, Mr. Chair. Can the Minister give any insights into why there is a lot of carryforward? It sounds like there's trouble implementing some of these projects and they needed, you know, repairs and improvements. Can the Minister give us some insights into what is holding us back from being able to use the money each year for the improvements that are needed. Thank you, Mr. Chair.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you, Mr. Chair. So we do see a significant decrease in the budget for minor modernization and improvements, both on page 383 and then oh, it's the exact same one in the wrapup page, 379. So what's the reason for such a major decrease in the budget for the modernization and improvements? Thank you, Mr. Chair.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you, Mr. Chair. So I am going back one page here, I apologize. But under community housing services, when we look at that line item for maintenance and I think my colleague from Monfwi was drawing attention to this one too.

My question is is this budget this line item just for, like, minor maintenance or repairs, or would it be for more serious renovations that are needed to, you know, to allow public housing unit tos be able to, you know, be liveable and stay open? I notice that the description of it says that it's for funding for LHOs to undertake demand and preventative maintenance...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I wish to table the following three documents regarding public participation in a regional study under part 5.2 of Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act.

The first is a letter dated December 6, 2023, from Alternatives North to the Minister of Crown and Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs; second is a Letter from the Assistant Deputy Minister of CrownIndigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada to Alternatives North; and, the third is a Letter dated January 30th, 2024, from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to Alternatives North...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 25)

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Can the Minister explain what she might be able to do now to help nonprofits who are operating emergency shelters be able to cope and address the growing crisis that we're facing here in Yellowknife? Thank you, Mr. Speaker.