Shane Thompson

Member du Nahendeh

Circonscription électorale de Nahendeh

Shane Thompson a été réélu à la 20e Assemblée législative des Territoires du Nord-Ouest après avoir siégé aux 18e et 19e Assemblées, représentant la circonscription de Nahendeh. M. Thompson est l'honorable président de la 20e Assemblée législative des Territoires du Nord-Ouest.

M. Thompson a été élu pour la première fois à la 18e Assemblée en novembre 2015 et a présidé le Comité permanent des affaires sociales. Il a également fait partie du Comité permanent des priorités et de la planification, du Comité permanent des règles et des procédures et du Comité de sélection.

M. Thompson est né le 11 juillet 1963 à Hay River. Après avoir vécu à Kugluktuk (Coppermine), à Inuvik, à Hay River et à Edmonton (au cours de ses études à l’Université de l’Alberta), il s’est établi à Fort Simpson en 1992.

M. Thompson a précédemment été, pendant deux mandats de trois ans chacun, administrateur élu au sein de l’Administration scolaire de district de Fort Simpson, exerçant le rôle de président durant les quatre dernières années. Au cours des 35 dernières années, il a siégé à divers conseils communautaires et territoriaux.

Avant d’être élu député, M. Thompson travaillait comme coordonnateur principal des sports et des loisirs au ministère des Affaires municipales et communautaires du gouvernement des TNO, dans la région du Dehcho.

M. Thompson a été diplômé du programme de leaders en loisirs communautaires du Collège de l’Arctique en 1989, et il suit actuellement un programme de certificat de maîtrise en évaluation à l’Université de Victoria et à l’Université Carleton. Il a également fait trois ans d’études pour obtenir un diplôme en éducation à l’Université de l’Alberta.

M. Thompson est un bénévole actif pour Northern Youth Abroad, la CBET et Fundamental Movement, ainsi que HIGH FIVEMD. De même, il a été membre du conseil d’administration de la Fédération sportive du Nord, de l’Association de balle molle des TNO et de l’Association des parcs et des loisirs des TNO, ainsi que président du terrain de golf Seven Spruce.

M. Thompson est père de sept enfants – cinq filles et deux fils – et a neuf petits-enfants.

Il est juge de paix depuis 1991.



Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9

P.O. Boîte
Bureau de circonscription

9706-100th Street
Fort Simpson NT X0E 0N0


Déclarations dans les débats

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 16)

Colleagues, I'd like to thank Annie Goose for the opening guiding words and the blessing today. I hope everybody had a good weekend and prepared to get to work for the next four days.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 15)

Colleagues, yesterday I talked about our Youth Parliament and the great job the youth did. In keeping in the theme with some of my colleagues today, I did ask the youth person if I could do their statement in the House. Leo Ehrlich represented the Nahendeh region. Here is his statement:

Kids tend not to like school. The reason we look forward to breaks, the weekend and such, is because we don't want to spend all day, every day, in a dark room memorizing complex formulas and grammatical rules that, unless speaking to an English teacher, will most likely never get used in daytoday life. Now, I'm...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 15)

I'd like to thank Karen Mitchell for the opening guiding words for us today.

Colleagues, yesterday I was a very bad grandpa. I forgot to wish my grandson Freddie Vanderheyden a Happy 12th Birthday yesterday. So I would like to wish him a Happy Belated 12th Birthday. As well, tomorrow my better half's grandson and Danielle her daughter's Danielle son Scott Eggen is also turning 12. So we have two boys that have birthdays really close together, and they both live in Calgary. So wishing him a happy birthday.

On behalf of the Members from Hay River South and Hay River North, I'd like to welcome the...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 13)

Today is going to be very hard for me, as I do a celebration of life for Isadore Simon. I was very fortunate to call him and Lucy, mom and dad. He was born on November 7, 1945, in Rocher River, NWT to Charlotte Simon and David King. Isadore was raised in Rocher River by Joseph Jerome and Charlotte. Isadore had TB at a young age and when he was released from the hospital, he lived with the Dumels who took care of him. Isadore lived there until he was forced to relocate to Fort Resolution after the school burnt down.

Isadore was taught his tradition skills of hunting and trapping by his stepdad...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 13)

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to thank our elder that has come back, Member from the 18th and 19th Assembly. As we have done with our traditional, our opening, you know, guiding words, the blessings, I'd like to thank Mr. O'Reilly for actually being here today. You know, being an elder, he left us, but we still appreciate all his work that he's done for us in the 18th and 19th Assembly. So thank you very much, Kevin.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 12)

Ladies and gentlemen, with a deep heart I will be doing this eulogy. Vincent James Bertrand was born in Yellowknife on September 4th, 1985, to parents Norma Bertrand and Melvin Timbre. When Vince was younger, his dad would make him a toboggan out of cereal boxes and pop cans. Vince would play outside for hours pulling his toboggan with his toys inside of it.

Vincent grew up in Fort Liard and was raised by his grandparents Mary Jane and William Bertrand. His grandfather William gave Vince his traditional name of SehSeh. Vince loved spending his time with his grandparents and traveling with them...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 11)

I'd like to thank Karen Mitchell for the blessing today.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 11)

Good afternoon, colleagues. As we are all aware, the Arctic Winter Games were held in the MatSu Valley in Alaska. The Games will mostly take place in the Valley's two largest cities, Palmer and Wasilla. Just an hour north of Anchorage, separated by 16 miles, they serve as a major hub of commercial, tourism, and recreation. The games are being held March 10th to the 16th. We will witness approximately 2,000 participants, coaches, admission staff, and officials from eight contingencies attend these games.

Colleagues, I'm very proud to say we have nine athletes representing five sports, one coach...

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 9)

Thank you. I'd like to thank Marc Casaway for the prayer this morning.

Debates of , 20th Assembly, 1st Session (day 9)

Colleagues, when you think about snowboarding, you think about mountain, ski resorts, but it is a sport that has taking hold in the Northwest Territories. It is a great opportunity to observe youth being youth vulnerable, risky, daring, adventurous, and being silly. It is amazing watching youth making memories and, more importantly, with friends. Beyond the warm clothes and wintery ambience lies a culture that you need to see to appreciate.

In the North, you must find a creative way to get the participants on top of the hill. Sometimes it takes hiking up the hill to go down. Other times, it's...